Wedding bouquet is one of the most important accessories of bride. This that, on what it cannot be economized, because bouquet must correspond to the mass of the requirements: to approach color and style of dress, to the style of bride herself, to be by expressive, it must be regarded well near, so also at a distance, to preserve its form and freshness during only day.

There are the flowers, which are better not to use in the wedding bouquet because of their symbolic value. Thus, for instance, kally frequently are associated with the sad occasion, just as lily. Although the historic importance of lilies - innocence, cleanliness. However, even if you do not consider lily sad flower, think about the fact that it possesses the sufficiently sharp smell, which can tire you, and fiance. The problem of smell it is color it becomes especially urgent, if the bride of beremenna. Furthermore, lilies can soil your snowy dress.
Not all like Carnations in a wedding bouquet though there are also very interesting compositions from snow-white carnations.

Many flowers and interestingly look well on the pictures, but they are not capable of maintaining this difficult day as wedding. This is especially urgent in such a case, when wedding occurs in the hot or vice versa cold weather.

Interesting and elegant version of flower for the wedding bouquet - orchid. This elegant flower will make means of bride stylish and that finished. Orchid is so good itself which can be the best adornment for the bride, against the background of which even simplest dress will look by expensive and stylish. Best version - classical small bouquet from the roses. In the composition of bouquet there can be not only the flowers and other additional plants, but also pastes, and pearls on the pins, and silk or rape tapes, and guipure, and it swelled, and much other - all depends on the fantasy of horticulturist and on your desires. It swelled in the bouquet it gives to it airiness, ease, wantonness. Luxurious silk tape of gold or white color, lace give to bouquet nature retro. Pearls and pastes make it more luxurious more expressive. The main thing - not "to overload" bouquet by details, otherwise flowers, will be lost after the abundance of pastes and lace. Therefore with the creation of this bouquet it is better to rely on the irreproachable taste of the horticulturist, whom presents well to itself the eventual result and, knowing your desires, it can create that which will be combined ideally precisely with your means.
Cascade overhanging, yes even generally long bouquets go to extremely high brides. Miniature girl, who hid himself after the bush of roses, appears ridiculously. It is inconvenient to hold long and heavy bouquets, therefore, selecting for itself bouquet, you remember that for you one must bear it in the hands almost the whole day.

Buying bouquet, you will trace so that all flowers would be well fixed, indeed for bouquet one must conduct with you the sufficiently stressed day, in course of which it they will bear, makhat' by them, transfer it from hand to hand, possibly, drop and even throw (at the end). If bouquet on top braids by wire mesh, you will be convinced of whereas the fact that it is also well fixed and will not slip down into the first minutes of celebration, forcing you continually to repair it. If the fiance has a holder or if hair or neck of bride are decorated with lively colors, these compositions must be combined with the bouquet by the style and the composition. It is desirable so that one horticulturist would make them.
Wedding bouquet it is very important to correctly hold. Bouquet must be approximately at the level of waist or somewhat lower, in this case it it does not be worthwhile to hold strictly vertically - it must be a little inclined toward the side of spectators. In this case and in the photographs, and in the memory of guests will imprint excellent bouquet in its entire charm.
Flowers play enormous role in the formulation of wedding, without them it is not possible to visualize wedding. Machines from the wedding cortege, wedding table, hall decorate with colors. From it is color make the splendid, beautiful arches, into which enter the fiance and bride.
To guests it will be very plesure to obtain to the memory about your happy day small bouquet or compositions.
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