Plants for the office

From what to begin as to competently make plants for the office? Certainly, have long ago there been firms, which allow the services of designers and the subsequent care of plants. But several practical councils, based on the experience and the errors on planting of greenery in the office accomodations:

  • 1. do not buy too many different and very expensive room plants.
  • 2. do not make the prompt purchases of room plants. It is possible that your partners in the business or neighbors some of another firm, which lease accomodations in the same building already of obustroili their "green" interior are ready it will share with experience with you.
  • 3. with the purchase of plants for the office it is necessary to soblyudat' the same rules and councils as with the purchase of plants for the house, with small exceptions relative to assortment. First rule or good council. Do not acquire the krasivotsvetushchiye plants with the clearly expressed period of rest. In the official accomodations after such plants to care is very difficult. Carry out a question about the purchase of the large party of plants to the joint conference. The majority of colleagues is had the personal experience of the cultivation of some plants, which can healthily it will prove useful.
  • 4. do not place plant in the depth of accomodation more than to three meters from the window, if there is no source of additional artificial lighting. 6. next confronting living plants in the earthen saucers and artificial flowers do not introduce general accordion into the interior. All office accomodations should be taken shape in different ways. If it is serious to relate to fitodizaynu, then professionals will make measurements of the areas of accomodations, will remove the indices of the humidity of air and illumination, will grant sketches, recommended assortment of plants to you.
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