How to define freshness of Flowers

Everyone loves fresh flowers. And the more fresh flowers you will get the longer they will stay. But how to understand - how much fresh flowers? Our recommendations will help you to define freshness of flowers. We shall give advice how to choose the freshest flowers.


Leaves and stem of flower must be green color without any brown boundary.

 Degree of the flowering

The nimbus of completely dismissed flower should have the correct form corresponding each concrete kind of a flower. At the moment when you get flowers buds can be closed, but ready to blossom, meaning that two more days and they will blossom completely. The more spacious vase by this time will be required by flowers. Flowering of flowers it is unique for each type and determined by correct form for each concrete type of flower. In the flowers bouquet received by you, kidneys should be closed, but it is a little aspire to opening, showing, that they ready to open, within two days. You can take pleasure in flower beauty much longer if you place them in a vase.


 Freshness of flowers is determined by the level of saturation by moisture. Than more saturated by moisture flowers, the fresher and the prolonged they will stand.Carefully bend back the lobes of flower. If after this they assume their initial form, flower fresh and it is well saturated by moisture. If flower not fresh, lobes not they are be restored, and they will become flabby and weak.

 Presence of the stamens

 Short stamens or stamens located in the center of flower, contain the flower pollen, which symbolizes the maturity of flower. In order to be multiplied, flower stamen produces pollen and frequently the sticky substance (even after flower it cuts off). The flowers, which produced pollen - matured. Flowers in the buds, in which still there is no pollen, are more "young", and it means fresh. Colors Colors and saturation of fresh flowers must be lively and bright.
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