Meaning of Orange Roses

 Orange roses have emerged as one of the true stand-outs among today's popular rose varieties. The fiery color of an orange rose immediately conjures up passionate thoughts of romance. They can also be reminiscent of the warmth of a glowing sunset, or the sweetness of citrus. Orange roses come in a range of shades, from bright orange to softer coral and peach colors. Since the introduction of the orange rose into the world of roses, they have quickly found their place in the hearts and imaginations of rose aficionados everywhere.

Near the turn of the 20th century, rose cultivators began to produce orange roses, thanks to the recent discovery of wild yellow roses, and the spread of advanced hybridization techniques. As these early experiments to produce orange roses yielded positive results, rose enthusiasts found themselves with a new layer to add to the increasingly rich tapestry of rose meanings.

The orange rose has mainly come to be regarded as the symbol for desire, enthusiasm and passion. Being a literal mixture of the colors yellow and red, orange roses were often seen as a bridge between the feelings of friendship symbolized by yellow roses, and love associated with red roses. Giving a bouquet of orange roses could be a sign of emerging romantic feelings and the desire to move a relationship beyond the stage of friendship. In addition, they can be an expression of fascination, or a gift to say "I'm proud of you." Orange roses have also become popular as a Halloween flower.

The association of orange roses with romantic expressions is fitting, considering the obvious connection between the color of fire and the metaphors we associate with it. The orange rose has become the perfect way to symbolize the heat of passion, burning desire and the flames of love. Orange roses have a power to send a message of romance that can rival even the red rose!

In the relatively short time the orange roses have been on the scene, they have had quite an impact. From those who simply enjoy the warming color, to those who wish to convey that special meaning, the orange rose has become a mainstay in the family of roses. They can have the soft radiance of an autumn sunset which warms and soothes the spirit. At the same time, orange roses can have an intensity that can consume hearts and souls, much like the fire that we associate them with. Whatever their purpose, a bouquet of orange roses is sure to heat things up!

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