Meaning of Flowers

  KALLA - because of its noble appearance is used in the separately solemn cases. The secret of its exceptional attractiveness consists in the large covers - the funnels, which can be snowy or colored. The floscules of kally are spectacular in the cutting and are the favorite material for the designers and the horticulturists. Carnation... much whether will be located is still color, value of which would be is so contradictorily? Red carnation - is the symbol of courage, celebration of just cause, the flower of revolutionary conversions and simultaneously the symbol of betrothal, clean love and faithfulness. Carnation - is flower and soldier- conqueror, and young bride. In it the uproar of hot summer and the severe beauty of Alpine cliffs.

ROSE - the classical symbol of terrestrial love and passion - red rose. the Vivid- ruby-colored nuance of lobes designates voluptuousness, erotic sensuality pink rose designates tender love, deep attachment, perfect family happiness. This flower - emblem of elegant woman in the bloom of beauty. With the white rose they connect celestial perfection. Its flowers or the bud- symbol of clean you, innocence and virginity, but can be sign by the secret of love. Orange rose - bright sivol of the force of personality, it can designate both the large Ra to dost' and is more burning desire. People of privykli to relate nastorozhenno, considering as the their sivolom of revno- of sti, treason or envy, but one should remember to the yellows that yellow rose - flower of success.
Claret rose - deep love.
A pink rose - happiness, " please, trust me "
Red rose - love, passion, " I live you "
White rose - expresses: " You an angel, but also I you cost " Peach roses - I always remember you.
Red and white roses - we together.
Yellow roses - I wish to keep our feelings.

NARTSISS - izyashchnya form, the clearly outlined lines, the refined painting of the most tender lobes... It is always calm and restrained, although it sometimes seems haughty. Sometimes is desirable strya- to khnut' from itself daily activity and to dip into the peace of elegant lines, thin aromas, vozvy- of the shennykh words, into this fantastic peace of dream... Nartsiss- of dynes from the tender and the excellent in the light is color, it is acknowledged as the most fashionable spring flower. Its yellow, in the opinion of the Japanese, promises financial comfort to the possessors of flower, besides the simple aesthetical pleasure. Being the symbol of prosperity and revival, yellow moreover and the color of the sun. Something extraordinarily graceful there is in thin stebel'kakh of nartsissov, and the warm aura, which possesses the flower, zhineradostnaya and soft simultaneously. That dissolving is the narqiss- good proof of the arrival of spring and good mood!
The yellow narcissus - attention, you at me one and the sun shines only for you

MIMOSA - flower with the tender yellow balls amazingly thinly reeking floscules. Hearth to rit' mimosa - indicates to present the present spring, which does not know artificial illumination and complete of natural beauty! The small twig of mimosa is capable of presenting by heat-, one its presence of creating holiday!

GLADIOLUS - contemporary gladiolus - tonic among those cut off is color the second-half of the summer: the directed upwards floscules - large, majestic or small, elegant- consist of it is flowering the richest range of the paintings, single-tone or with the diverse figure, with the plicated or corrugated lobes. Gladiolus - this is the flower of faithfulness and honor; the symbol of brotherhood, faithfulness to its principles and dignity of soul.

ANTHURIUM - rainbow of flower sensations, the language of ardent passion, Grace is elegant flamingo the formula of family happiness. Anthurium is called the flower of flamingo. Actually, beauty and the refinement of the forms of the floscule of anthurium it is possible to compare with Grace pink flamingo. On their native land, in Columbia, the local residents consider that the red flower of anthurium brings into the family happiness and abundance. The family pair, which recently entered the marriage, decorates its dwelling with the floscules of anthurium. Bouquets of them must stand in the course of entire first month of the joint life of newly-weds. So that the flower of anthurium rightfully can enter into the history as the symbol of honey month.

TULIP - symbol of the being waked up life, which causes bright feelings of our hope, revival, desired happiness. On the variety of paintings and forms the tulip does not have equal among the decorative plants. It is considered that the tulips were left into Europe in the middle KH.VI of century from Austria. Not one flower became the object of such passions, improbable histories and adventures. There were the times, when people reached literally the idolization of tulip - they rejected practically all matters, they completely departed to breeding of these it was color.
Red tulips - love revelation, please, trust me.
Yellow  Tulips -your smile - a beam of the sun.

ORCHID - symbol of exotic femininity, the riddle of orchid cannot be guessed, it with great care stores its secrets, it slips off, as if "is dissolved" in the space. Its tender lobes, being whimsical bent, nikogoda are not revealed to the end, but spicy aroma disturbs and wakes up feelings... if you they selected into the gift orchid - it is slow before the enraptured look of your elect or elect, day after the day will begin to be turned something unknown: new wealth of form, the special bend of lobes, thinner painting. Pride, krasa and incomes bloom together on the tender green stem, and as to know, possibly and glory.

LILY - the flower of royal power the bewitching force of lily acts on all without the exceptions. Aroma, the refinement of outlines, the refined color palette - here to what it is probable, should be assigned its irresistable action. It is from time immemorial age-long lily it attracted attention by its refined beauty. In ancient Greeks and Romans it was the symbol of cleanliness, rest, bliss, glory, tsarstvennosti and fertility.
White Lily - cleanliness, greatness. Means: " With you so it is good! "

CHRYSANTHEMUM - the excellent steadfast flowers, bright and holiday, in the language it is color they indicate "dignity". Chrysanthemum is the flower of the peoples of the east. Initially all chrysanthemums were yellow and only more lately began to appear flowers with the different painting and the form of floscules. Chrysanthemums no longer one century personify by themselves faithfulness and devotion. These flowers are characterized by durability and survive under the snow. But it is worthwhile to only introduce them in the heat- and they revive, and they will for long gladden by its tender colorings and unique fresh verdure. Both R and s - one of the most fashionable cultures. This rare, refined tsvetok.On cannot not privle- kat' the amateurs of excellent. "iris" in the transfer from the Greek indicates rainbow. In its people affectionately they call kasatikom. In iris unique violaceous, mystical aroma, it wraps you by secret, takes away on the wings of fantasy from the ordinariness and the fuss. It is considered that the iris opens the soul of people towards the love.
Red chrysanthemum - I love you.
A white chrysanthemum - sincerity.
A yellow chrysanthemum - gentle love.

Many flowers have important symbolic meanings in Western culture. The practice of assigning meanings to flowers is known as floriography. Some of the more common examples include: * Red roses are given as a symbol of love, beauty, and passion. * Poppies are a symbol of consolation in time of death. In the UK, Australia and Canada, red poppies are worn to commemorate soldiers who have died in times of war. * Irises/Lily are used in burials as a symbol referring to "resurrection/life". It is also associated with stars (sun) and its petals blooming/shining. * Daisies are a symbol of innocence. Flowers within art are also representative of the female genitalia, as seen in the works of artists such as Georgia O'Keefe, Imogen Cunningham, Veronica Ruiz de Velasco, and Judy Chicago, and in fact in Asian and western classical art. Many cultures around the world have a marked tendency to associate flowers with femininity. The great variety of delicate and beautiful flowers has inspired the works of numerous poets, especially from the 18th-19th century Romantic era. Famous examples include William Wordsworth's I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud and William Blake's Ah! Sun-Flower. Because of their varied and colorful appearance, flowers have long been a favorite subject of visual artists as well. Some of the most celebrated paintings from well-known painters are of flowers, such as Van Gogh's sunflowers series or Monet's water lilies. Flowers are also dried, freeze dried and pressed in order to create permanent, three-dimensional pieces of flower art. The Roman goddess of flowers, gardens, and the season of Spring is Flora. The Greek goddess of spring, flowers and nature is Chloris. In Hindu mythology, flowers have a significant status. Vishnu, one of the three major gods in the Hindu system, is often depicted standing straight on a lotus flower. Apart from the association with Vishnu, the Hindu tradition also considers the lotus to have spiritual significance.For example, it figures in the Hindu stories of creation.

White Lavender - execution of desires, admiration, protection.

A magnolia - decency, execution of desires, dreams of you.

Daisies - cleanliness, true love.

Forget-me-nots - the devoted love.

A Peony - happy marriage, a happy life, mad love.

 A Primrose - " I cannot live without you "

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